In the News: Yelich of the Brewers

Gives Away Our Pup to Girl

A sign a Muskego family thought would be a good way to get Christian Yelich's attention actually got them a new dog. It was hand delivered by the Milwaukee Brewer during a batting practice surprise.

Milwaukee Brewers Tweet:

Congrats! What are you going to name him? Might we suggest Yeli?”


Lola Labodda, a Muskego 6-year-old, holds Yeli at Miller Park on April 15, 2019. The hope is to train the mini doodle to assist with Lola's type-1 diabetes.

(Photo: JR Radcliffe)


(Clockwise from top left) Jessica Labodda, Michael Labodda, camera-shy Libby, 4, and Lola, 6, pose with their new 11-week-old mini doddle named Yeli at Miller Park.

(Photo: JR Radcliffe)