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Dusty and Brenda have a real passion for dogs and especially spreading the Puppy Joy from our hand selected designer mixed and pure bred breeds.  We both have always been very interested in training and learning about all breeds and we LOVE dogs in general!!!   We specilize in smaller breeds that are non-shedding at times we may carry a low shedding breed.  We offer a 1 yr health gaurantee and a 24 return option with a fee for highly allgeric people.   We always make sure the pups have their intial puppy shots, deworming and a vet check prior to your purchase.  We donate $15 dollars of each sale to local Animal Shelters & Rescues.  We are very thorough and spend lots of time talking about the care and potty training of your puppy.   Our goal is to help everyone including the puppy have the best experience. 

We are happy to be LOCATED in the lower end of Wisconsin area of Spring Green WI and hour west of Madison, WI.  We will deliver puppies when it's most CONVENIENT for a small fee.  At anytime we love to answer whatever TRAINING or rearing questions you may have at anytime of the life of your dog.  Please feel free to call Dusty or Brenda at anytime.  If you EVER want to just visit our puppies for therapy for you or kids, please feel free and give us a heads up and come on our!  We love to keep our puppies plenty socilized, happy and healthy!  We so look forward in meeting you and your family.  Please visit our puppyville in Spring Green.  See ya all soon!  Dusty and Brenda Thompson love to spread the Puppy Joy!  Wisconson State Liscence # 469088-DS


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Feel Free to text or call Brenda at (608) 574-7931.... Or  Dusty at 920-210-7441

or by email, brenda_valek@yahoo.com

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Spring Green, WI